Vape Bottle Label Materials

Vape Bottle Label Materials

A quick guide to help you choose from the many vape bottle label materials for your product.

We manufacture our vape bottle labels using our digital Jetrion 4900 printing press with laser die cutting station. This means we can produce high quality UV ink based labels and cut them to any size you could need.

To make you product pop from the shelf and grab your customer’s attention, you are going to want a label the imposes itself among other products on the shelf. An alpha product label if you will! Alternatively, you may be selling a basic product and want to convey the no fuss nature of it. So what are the basic principles to follow?

Vape Bottle Label Materials

There are three basic materials we recommend you to use. They are all polypropylene based materials which give the best finish out of all the materials we use:

  • White polypropylene
  • Clear polypropylene
  • Metallic polypropylene

White Polypropylene:

Far an away the most popular material, white polypropylene labels are ideal for you when you have a colourful design and you need a good base layer to build the colour vibrance. There is no transparency and no foil or silvery finish. The labels will have a gloss finish to them.

Clear Polypropylene:

Using clear polypropylene means the contents of your vape bottle remains highly visible to the customer (if it is in a clear bottle). Having said that, we can print a base of white ink onto the clear polypropylene which effectively makes it look like white polypropylene. The opacity of the white ink is good but it is not has dense as white polypropylene substrates. Using clear polypropylene can allow for quite intricate designs to be included in your label design along with (for example) a transparent quantity indicator to be printed on the bottle.

Metallic Polypropylene:

We can use any number of foil based polypropylene materials but generally stick to either gold or silver. If we print over silver with a different colour (e.g. orange) we can achieve a bronze effect. If we use green we can achieve a very attractive finish. Coupled to this, we can use white ink as a base which will completely conceal the metallic finish. This give the ability to build complex labels with a range of finishes and colours.

This flexibility does come at a price and there is a premium for using metallic polypropylene but the finished products can look amazing.


This is just a short list of what we can use to print your labels. We are also able to obtain a wide range of alternative materials with a range of qualities such as ridged papers (to give a very refined high quality finish or patterned materials such as wood finish or other label finishes.

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