PID Launch

PID Launch

Positive ID Labelling have started a new marketing strategy to reach key niche labelling markets such as the vale label market. A trial run of some niche websites are being set up and the is one of them.

Vaping has taken off in the UK and is seen as a major growth area for the foreseeable future. Vaping is a safer alternative to tobacco smoking and has a number of health benefits over tobacco, cigarettes or cigars. With the number of smokers in the < href="" target="_blank">UK falling to its lowest level on record with just under 17% of adults being smokers. A fall 2.4% (12% in real terms) from 2012.

Vaping has grown with the availability of e-cigarettes and an explosion in small independent retailers entering the vaping market. Conspicuously appearing in run down high streets across the nation, vaping shops have been a boon for many an ailing high street.

Competition for business is high with literally thousands of e-liquid manufacturers and distributors springing up. Each new distributor needs to develop a brand identity and their vape labels are the route to achieve this. Coupled with good design, all vape labels need to carry certain warnings for the consumer as well as tactile warning triangles and other statements laid down in law. The stimulus for this is the EU that launched a new directive to ensure that e-liquids meet with high standards demanded by EU consumers.

The EU Directive can be found here in all its glory! Many in the e-cigarette business see this as a reaction to lobbying by the big corporate tobacco players like Philip Morris, BAT, Imperial Tobacco and others. It will not be the first time the EU is accused of supporting big corporations over the young dynamic upstarts eating into their tobacco business.

The most striking changes with the new EU directive are that it now costs a great deal of money to register a product for market – and they all have to be registered. What is more, the products have to be registered for 6 months before they can go on sale so there is a long wait between investing in developing a product and then getting a return on that investment when you can finally sell it to the public.

Notwithstanding this, any manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor has a motive for re-branding and promoting their products. This branding process runs through from the shop to the website and ultimately to the vape bottle labels on the final product. Positive ID Labelling have the ability to manufacture high quality, durable and resistant labels for use in this industry. Using our Digital Printing Press, we can manufacture short or long runs of labels to very high standards.

Whether you choose to have unique labels for each flavour of vape fluid you make or use a generic label and then over-print with one of our fantastic direct thermal labelling systems, we can help you.

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